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Jensdith Barrientos

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Jensdith Barrientos

Admin Assistant

I am from Venezuela. I graduated with a degree in psychology from “Yacambu University” in Lara, Venezuela. I worked for two years with “Grupo Fundapsied” in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. A foundation specialized in family and child therapy, there I learned and acquired experience in different types of therapeutic techniques, one of them Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA). In addition, I have acquired diplomas in clinical psychology and psychotherapeutic strategies. Currently, I am an English student in the virtual academy “Zonni Center Language,” having passed level 12 of the regular program. I am also training for my RBT certification in Georgia.

My future aspirations are to apply to the University to obtain my master’s degree. And to work again as a psychologist within the USA.

I am currently working as a receptionist and administrative support at the consulting institute of Atlanta, I am a girl who loves the art of conversation and listening, and I like to inspire others to obtain mental and emotional health. I believe that, ultimately, human behavior is fascinating. My extracurricular activities are singing, playing the saxophone, and hanging out with my friends at church.